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From her 2006 album TAMARA, this music video was written by Tamara Podemski, directed by Bruce McDonald and produced by Jennifer Podemski (Big Soul Productions) and BravoFACT. MEEGWETCH won the Best Music Video at the imagiNATIVE Film Festival and the American Indian Film Festival in San Fransisco.

On Tonto: Something You Might Not Know About Canada

Excerpt from the Strombo's show on CBC Television. 

Sit By My Fire

Commissioned by the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, this song is "an invitation to the world to join us in a global movement to effect change, break down barriers and promote tolerance and understanding."

Directed by Michael Corbiere. Written by Doug Bedard, Andrea Menard, Troy Bynoe and Raven Kanatakta. Performed by Cheri Maracle, Digging Roots, Troy Bynoe, Andrea Menard, Plex, Leemai, David R. Maracle, Morningstar River Drummers and Tamara Podemski.

Independent Spirit Awards 2007

Film Independent's "Spirit Awards" Best Supporting Actress Category. Cate Blanchett "I'm Not There," Anna Kendrick "Rocket Science," Jennifer Jason Leigh "Margot at the Wedding," Tamara Podemski "Four Sheets to the Wind," and Marisa Tomei "Before the Devil Knows Your Dead."

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